Find out what sets us apart in our relationship with our employees.


What sets us apart

In this section, you can find out about our ambitions, the structure of our personal and professional development plan, get to know our methodology and read our team’s testimonies.

Being the best business partner

Having the best quality indicators

Being referred to as the best

Having the best team leaders

Having the best commercial managers

Being known for our distinctive approach to the market


The Personal and Professional
Development Plan

We want you to grow with us.

We have developed a methodology that helps you develop the skills you need, and we provide a set of tools that will help you progress at Wondertrade.


Our Methodology

Our Personal and Professional Development Plan consists of a set of well-established criteria, through which we will assess each employee and his/her progression in the company.

This Plan will enhance:

Perform sales and promotional activities in line with the established guidelines
Survey the Clients’ needs
Analyze client requests
Collaborate with management for the continuously improving the services provided
Know the presentation techniques to enhance client satisfaction
A satisfied client means good sales and may lead to future prospects
Guide the client through all phases of the process
Communicating with clients in a personalized manner, providing information or referring the client to the correct information source
A well-followed client multiplies your sales

To sell is to help buy!

A sale is only possible when Clients profit from the products and services presented to them.


We move forward together!


The faces of a unique spirit

The personalized and excellent follow-up that we offer our clients distinguishes us. This distinction emerges from a young, flexible team that is ready to roll up its sleeves and give its best every day.

Showcasing our people is paying tribute to the invaluable contribution they make to our leadership position and innovative spirit in this market!

Do you want to be part of our team?
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We are a young and dynamic team that believes in a horizontal structure.

We are focused on being the best partner in the customized and face-to-face sales of the solutions we represent.

We integrate, train, and develop people, so that each employee can improve every day in skill and satisfaction.

We are always looking for talent. Explore our openings and keep an eye out for the offers we have in store for you!

Come and meet us.

In this section, you can understand our ambitions, how our personal and professional development plan works.