Wondertrade emerged with the aim of representing the group’s business partners in marketing their products and services.
We market solutions for Vodafone and EDP Comercial, presenting them to the market through customized and face-to-face sales.

We are experts in managing commercial projects, building a trusting relationship with our clients, advising them on the best solution, and guaranteeing excellent follow-up.

We intend on developing the biggest and best
sales network and to become market leaders.

Wondertrade markets solutions
from Vodafone e da and EDP Comercial.

Making and integrating exceptional partnerships is what sets us apart and it is also one of our biggest strengths. Our collaboration with Vodafone is a reflection of this dedication and commitment.

Together, we will continue to add value so that, each and every day,
we can better serve those who come to us.

Vodafone Solutions

We provide our customers with the best offer in television, telephone, internet, and mobile tariff bundles. With this offer we guarantee speed, in a 100% fiber-optic network, allowing for our customers to enjoy (through their smart router) internet coverage in their home.

Vodafone Solutions

We are experts in Vodafone solutions for businesses. We are focused on finding the best technological solutions for your business. In addition to telecommunications, we offer wi-fi solutions, security solutions, virtual call centers, human resource management and fleet management solutions, among others.

It is with successful partners that organizations grow and evolve. Our partnership with EDP generates value in the sustainable energy market.

This bond fosters a sharing of knowledge that will certainly be instrumental in shaping the future together.

EDP Solutions

We have the best energy solutions tailored to the needs of each customer. Our offer includes energy and gas solutions, solar photovoltaic panels, EDP Saúde solutions, and also Packs Living. Pack Living includes energy certificates, gas certificates, technical assistance, air conditioning and boiler maintenance.

EDP Solutions

With EDP solutions, we offer the best commercial conditions. These solutions generate value for companies, helping them to focus on their business. Through our dedicated managers, we promote business solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

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We are a young and dynamic team that believes in a horizontal structure.

We are focused on being the best partner in the customized and face-to-face sales of the solutions we represent.

We integrate, train, and develop people, so that each employee can improve every day in skill and satisfaction.

We are always looking for talent. Explore our openings and keep an eye out for the offers we have in store for you!

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